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This WordPress BLOG is my interactive website for the UDEMY course > Learning German online

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My first Udemy course is live now:  MASTER your GERMAN.


Dear all, dear students and teachers of German,

I have been working on my first UDEMY course and written the Curriculum overview plus the first INTRODUCTION and the first few MODULES.

Am pretty excited about this new platform where everybody can teach anything once she / he feels confident enough.

This includes IT and computer usage, of course, as we have been training it now for 15 or more years (sometimes hands on and together here in Australia.

I am still connected with many of my ex – students and teachers colleagues and would like to express my thanks / chapeau for the feedback I have received while an active coach and teacher.

Now having retired I know I can do whatever I like, however the PASSION of teaching will be with me until I’m gone (I guess).

Once a teacher – always a teacher.

This could have been said by my father JDB, a Primary and Secondary Teacher in Northern Germany all through his life, who died at the age of 75. I dedicate this project to him and his attitudes and style of teaching.

His students and soul mates used to call him “Johnny B Good” as his motto was: 

– Never give up & 

– No one will be left behind.

Pretty modern for his time…   

Well, to cut a long story short: I will try to be as good as he was.

And so this project being your coach in the course “Master your German.”

I would like to invite everybody who does not feel confident enough with his / her German in front of senior classes and everybody who loves the German language and would like to improve, id est MASTER the target language.

I believe in adult learning concepts that have been worked out in Australia and elsewhere and are based on

– a high level of self-motivation

– the desire to achieve as much as possible in limited time

– the wish to communicate with other learners / students because ONE teacher in ONE school always has the need to exchange views and ideas plus successful projects with people who have the same workload on their shoulders.

So feel free to visit this BLOG from time to time and keep in touch via Facebook or directly with me, your coach.

The UDEMY course / platform will be open once my version is finished and polished AND APPROVED.

With kind regards from Burleigh Waters

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Peter H Bloecker

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Master your German
Copyright: Peter H Bloecker
First published July 2015

“Master your German online” – Advanced German from Level B1 to Level C2

In my course, which is NOT a language course, you will learn how to master and improve your language skills over a given time span of your own choice by using open and free online resources which are authentic and constantly updated by institutions and different providers.

Who Is This Course For?

The target group of my course are adult and highly motivated students of German worldwide who have already achieved an intermediate level of German (B 1 / B2 according to the European Common Framework) either at their schools or universities or in other contexts. Improving your “Business German” is not directly addressed in this course, but can be mastered as well by choosing your own resources online.

No teaching but coaching

I will take you step by step through known portals like the website of the GOETHE-INSTITUT and DEUTSCHE WELLE and help you to create and develop your individual and powerful pathway to improve your understanding of authentic videos and texts and media updates in the target language and demonstrate based on my 35 years experience of teaching languages and literature how to improve your grammar, your reading and writing skills and how to boost up your German without losing interest in the subject matter.

I will use a clear project based lesson structure for my course allowing you to follow my examples and then explore freely on your own without further guiding and tutoring. This adult learning concept trust that you will not have to study texts or videos on subject matters you are not interested in.

So no waste of time and lost energies.

This course is suitable for anyone with normal computer and IT skills.

If in trouble I will be there to guide you through possible solutions teaching you to find answers on the net or on special forums.

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

By the end of the training you will know how to:

  • Navigate the portals above successfully and bookmark the relevant sites you need for your own second language development.
  • Know how to use videos, audio and text resources to master and improve your language skills

  • Be able to use audio resources of your choice and find text versions so that you can read what you are listening to (2 channel learning)

What Is Covered In The Course?

  • Introduction – Motivation and adult learning concepts
  • Learning German with the GOETHE – INSTITUT

  • Learning German with DEUTSCHE WELLE

  • SPIEGEL online – Authentic texts, Audio and Video resources in the target language

  • SPIEGEL online INTERNATIONAL – English resources and how to use them to boost your German

  • Projekt Gutenberg – reading German literature online and how to get audio resources or English translations to boost your German

  • The novel “Jahrestage” by Uwe Johnson / a free audio streaming project

  • Master your general communication skills

  • How to communicate effectively

  • Reading strategies – how to improve reading comprehension

  • Master your vocabulary

  • Master your grammar skills

  • Final ideas and support

  • Summary

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not happy with the course for any reason whatsoever, you are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

    The course will be upgraded regularly and students’ feedback will be considered for further updates.


    1 To start with 10 sections and 20 lectures / more than 20 hours of content according to your own navigation and needs

    2 You will be able to navigate the GOETHE Website and DEUTSCHE WELLE and bookmark the relevant sites of your choice

    3 You will be able to participate in forums with likeminded students of German

    4 You will be able to find partners for mail exchange in both German and English

    5 You will be able to find partners for SKYPE sessions to practise and improve your German

    6 This course will be upgraded and extended / more to come.


    1 Normal computer skills and access to the internet

    2 A minimum of 2 to 3 hours per week to boost your German

    3 A high degree of self motivation


    1 This course is designed for students of German worldwide who have already achieved an intermediate knowledge of the target language.

    2 This course is NOT a language course.

    3 This course is highly suitable for teachers of German worldwide who want to feel more confident in front of their language classes.


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