Learn German via Youtube

There are many Lessons on Youtube learning German for free – it is necessary to select carefully according to your own needs.

  • Too boring?
  • Too long?
  • Not my cup of tea?

Well, no problem at all. I suggest you follow my selection here on my BLOG and then find your own lessons and bookmark them and use them until you feel you should move on …

I believe it is essential that you learn in your own individual way whenever motivated and then find a partner or partners you can communicate with and practise what you have learnt, no matter if in speaking or reading or comprehending or writing. And you can correct each other by sending out texts via email as a first (ENTWURF) and then second and then final version, until you are happy with it.

Good luck and

Viel Erfolg 🙂


Peter H Bloecker

50 German conversations in one video – provided by Speak and Learn

Thank you Marija – well done 🙂

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