Film and Language

The ideas to use moving pictures for Language Learning are endless, of course.

A beginning of understanding starts with a single picture and talking about ideas, emotions and what comes into the viewer’s mind and exchanging this vice versa with a partner.

Literature and film is an advanced and progressed connection between reading, imagining, viewing and understanding and exchange ideas about what you read or viewed.

Here I will collect selected LINKS and introduce some ideas how to improve your viewing comprehension and transfer your ideas into thoughts and language, written and spoken.

One of the most successful directors is Steven Spielberg.

Check out Spielberg on Wired here.

He was interviewed in New York recently, read here on SZ Magazin.

Deutsche Welle: Sebastian Koch und seiner neuer Film

KINO – Das Filmmagazin | 14.01.2017 | 12:03 Min

Zu Gast in KINO stellt Schauspieler Sebastian Koch seinen neuen Film “Nebel im August” vor, erklärt, warum ihn Figuren der Zeitgeschichte interessieren und welche Türen “Das Leben der Anderen” geöffnet hat.

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